We are currently offering educational entertainment services through our Geechee 101 Workshops, Geechee Tutoring, and Geechee Whoa Productions.

Workshops and Presentations 

Geechee 101 

  • An interactive presentation that will introduce the audience to Gullah Geechee language and culture.

  • Check out our viral video “Geechee 101” on YouTube

Geechee Tutoring 

  • Language arts tutoring curriculum created specifically for Geechee speaking children to teach them how to switch between their home language (Geechee) and classroom language (standard English).

  • Our goal is to address the language barrier within the school system and improve standardized testing scores for Geechee speaking children.

Geechee Whoa Production

  • Basic video editing services for individuals, businesses or organizations

Booking Info 

Book Us For Your Next Event 

Email: bookinggeecheeexperience@gmail.com

Phone: (843) 310 - 8695

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